The girl with all the skills and tricks


She holds two Guinness World Records and has travelled all around the globe showing off her skills, but one of the most important things to Football Freestyler Laura Biondo is to be a role model to girls looking to play football.

I learned about the 24-year-old when I saw her on a programme that Sky Sports did last year following a British freestyler all over the world as he met and interviewed some of the most skilful people with a footballer you are ever likely to see.

Laura was one of the people he came across on his travels, and the Venezuelan, who now resides in Italy, can certainly compete with the best of the best.

She is ranked in the top four girls in the world in freestyle football and has also finished in the top four of the Red Bull Street Style finals.

If you fancy having a go at one of Laura’s World records, she can do 1,800 headed keep ups in ten minutes – the challenge awaits you!

I managed to have a quick catch up with the skilful young lady, which was some effort considering her constant travelling to entertain the adoring freestyle fans.

I cannot stress how good this girl is! After you’ve read this short interview, I’d really recommend logging onto YouTube and checking out her videos – pure class.


1.When was it you realised you had the skill to freestyle?

I started to freestyle at the end of 2007-begining 2008, although I did play football before and practiced several skill drills. 

2. How do you overcome boys/men, who don’t think girls should freestyle?

I respect their opinion, but I believe they should learn to open their minds as us girls can bring a lot to this sport and even things they can learn from.  

3. What is the best and worst thing about freestyling?

The best has to be the community. We are like a huge family that even if oceans divide us, we feel the unity. The worst thing – there is nothing

4. What’s the most interesting place you’ve been able to freestyle?

I was lucky enough to perform at the Colosseum in Rome. Unfortunately, the director who filmed me performing had issues with his computer hard drive, and the video was lost.


5. Did you ever have a chance to play football for a club?

Yes, I played in USA and in Italy.

6. Do you have any female football role models? If so, who?

Yes, my football role model is the US Women’s National Team’s Mia Hamm.

7. What is your biggest achievement so far?

Being a reference point for many girls, two Guinness World Records and being one of the top four girls in the world.

8. What are your hopes for the future with freestyling?

Become a role model for girls and inspire them to not be afraid or intimidated to practice a sport where men are the dominating sex, because we are also capable of reaching our goals and dreams.

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